Selected Writing

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Why companies need to hire social workers
Fast Company, June 20, 2018
University social work programs are trying to convince companies that social workers can help solve their ethics issues.

America’s Fastest-Growing Urban Area Has a Water Problem
CityLab, May 18, 2018
St. George, Utah, might not have enough water to keep pace with its growth.

When Skiing Collides with Immigration Politics
Outside, April 2, 2018
A Jackson, Wyoming, program teaches low-income kids to ski for free. It’s a major benefit for the kids — and their undocumented immigrant parents.

Land Conservancies Enter Unfamiliar Territory: the City
CityLab, March 21, 2018
Land conservancies best known for saving farmland and forests are making their presence known in cities such as Seattle and Cleveland.

Déjà Vu at Interior and the EPA
Outside, January 2, 2018
The ethical transgressions of Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt hark back to the scandal-plagued Reagan administration predecessors.

Trump Shrinks Bears Ears. Now What?
Outside, December 4, 2017
Bears Ears advocates reckon with Trump’s possibly illegal decision to chop up the national monument.

Trump’s Public Lands Policy Arcs Toward Extraction
Outside, November 3, 2017
Political forces dating back to the Sagebrush Rebellion have dictated Donald Trump’s energy and public land policies.

This Utah Nonprofit Helped 100 Refugees Get Diplomas. Next: Jobs
Fast Company, October 19, 2017
One Refugee, a Salt Lake City nonprofit that helps refugees through college, has teamed up with O.C. Tanner to help those graduates build careers.

Real Estate: The Central Question
Seattle Business, August 2017
Seattle’s Central District has lost most of its black residents, but black businessowners are fighting to remain.

Will Bears Ears Remain a National Monument?
The Atlantic, June 9, 2017
In reviewing the Bears Ears National Monument, the Trump administration erases an important piece of diplomacy between the U.S. and tribes.

Montana refuge divides tribes and ranchers
High Country News, May 29, 2017
Ranchers say the American Prairie Reserve is encroaching on a way of life; Native Americans appreciate the return of bison to the landscape.

How Tiny Bozeman, Montana, Became a Booming Tech Town
Fast Company, May 9, 2017
Smart infrastructure and entrepreneurs with home-state pride have turned Bozeman into one of the Mountain West’s premier tech economies.

Black Coders Matter
Seattle Met, January 2017
A profile of Arif Gursel, who founded Seattle’s first coding school exclusively for black students.

A Coding Reboot
425 Business, August 2016
The CEO of Coding Dojo thinks his computer-science trade school holds the key to a middle-class resurgence.

Solving the VR Problem
425 Business, March 2016
Thanks to cheaper hardware and better software, virtual reality finally has some staying power.

Chasing Green
425 Business, February 2016
A package of stories about companies tackling environmental issues. The anchor feature focuses on Jadora, a carbon-offset developer.

The Tech Bubble Question
425 Business, November 2015
A tech bust like the dot-com plunge isn’t imminent, but that doesn’t mean trouble isn’t afoot.

Inside Gaming’s Addictive World
425 Business, August 2015
A college student played World of Warcraft so frequently, he checked into a rehab center. Are the game developers to blame?

Desperately Seeking Silence
The News Tribune, May 18, 2014
A man tries to preserve quiet in the Hoh Rain Forest.

How conference realignment wiped WAC football off the map, August 21, 2012
WAC football ended in 2012, but the conference’s foundation was crumbling long before then.


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